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Styling Perms
Cut & Blow dry£22.00   Natural Styling£40.00-£48.00
Cut & Blow dry (long hair + restyle)£24.00   Dulcia£45.00-£48.00
Blow dry£10.00   PH Balance£50.00-£48.00
Blow dry + Straighten£12.00   Vital Styling£52.0-£50.00
     Thermo 42%£52.00-£50.00
Cut Shampoo/set£22.00       
Shampoo/set£9.50   Volume (full)£42.00-£40.00
Wet cut£17.00   Volume (full)£40.00-£38.00
Dry cut£11.00   Long Hair Change£15.00  
Children Spiral Perm from...£80.00  
     Straightening from...£80.00  
11 and under        
Cut & Blow dry£17.00   Colours
Wet cut£12.00       
Dry cut (boy)£5.50   Hi Lights (cut included)$48.00  
Dry cut (girl)£6.50   Lo Lights (cut included)£48.00  
Dry cut (under 4)£4.00   Hi Lights (no cut)   
     Lo Lights (no cut)£43.00  
Gents Hi Lights (long hair)£58.00  
     Lo Lights (long hair)£58.00  
Wet cut£16.00   Hi Lights (long no cut)£53.00  
Dry cut£10.00   Lo Lights (long no cut)£53.00  
Dry cut (10-13)£8.00       
     Foils from
     Foils (over shoulder)£85.00  
Mondays & Tuesdays    Foils (shoulder length)£75.00  
Cut & Blow dry£20.00   Foils (half head)£60.00  
Blow dry£9.50   Foils (quarter head)£50.00  
Cut shampoo/set£20.00   Foils (top only)£40.00  
Shampoo/set£20.00   Or from £4.00 per pkt.   
Wet cut£13.00   Tint and Foils from£60.00  
Dry cut (ladies)£9.00      OAP
Dry cut (gent)£7.95   Permanent Tint£28.00-£26.00
     Quassi Tint£26.00-£24.00
Hair Dressed (from) Bleached roots£30.00-£28.00
     Full Head Toner£20.00  
Wedding Day Hair up£30.00-£35.00 Cap Toner£15.00  
Wedding Trial Hair up£20.00-£25.00 Colour Correction from...£65.00  
Hair up from...£20.00-£25.00 Long Hair charge from£15.00  
Hair Curled (from)     
Short hair£18.00       
Long hair£22.00       
Plaits (dry)£8.50       
Plaits (wet)£10.00