Q) I have problems with colour fade what can you recommend me to use?

A) I would recommend for you to use the Bonacure Colour Seal shampoo and conditioner which have a colour stabiliser that fixes the colour pigments for a sustained, lasting beautiful hair colour.

Q) I have dry brittle hair as a result of perming and colouring my hair what can I use to help this condition?

A) You could use the Bonacure Repair shampoo with honey extract. This strengthens and refines your hair structure. Also the BI-Phase treatment is a restructuring 2 phase care system. Phase 1 cares while phase 2 seals and protects

Q) My hair is dull after styling what can I use to brighten it up?

A) I would recommend you to use the OSIS Shape Up which is a soft wax that sculpts and shapes the style you want and gives you shine. OSIS also has a shine spray brilliance, which you can spray onto your styled hair for an incredible shine.

Q) I am thinking of having some colour in my hair I am a mousy blonde and would like to be brightened up for the summer what would you recommend?

A) Depending on whether you want permanent or Semi-permanent colour, you could either have some foiled Hi and Low lights in you hair, this will create a more natural look and you can have a few different colours through your hair. This method is permanent.

A Semi- permanent colour washes out after 6-8 washes, this can add shine and warm tones to your hair. This method gives you a full head of colour.